Backed by the unique experience of AP-HP and its specialised teams, AP-HP International supports its clients throughout the process of building a hospital infrastructure (general hospital, specialised hospital, day hospital or diagnostic centre, university hospital, laboratories, etc.).

From design to opening, AP-HP International’s role is multi-facetted, based on the client’s needs, the project’s specific environment and its complexity. AP-HP International provides project management assistance, in-house or sub-contracted consulting, and expertise tailored to meet the project’s constraints.

Feasibility Study – Design

  • Detailed medical project, activity and surface and functional impact.
  • Functional and Technical Program and Detailed Technical Program, including room by room.
  • Assistance in the awarding of the project management contract: drawing up of specifications, analysis of offers and choice of contractor and supervision of design studies.
  • Assistance in the awarding of work contracts: preparation of specifications, analysis of offers and choice of contractor.


  • Method engineering: definition of working methods during the construction phase with all the players involved (controlling deadlines and costs).
  • Assistance to the management of the work’s execution.
  • Assistance with visa preparation.
  • Scheduling Construction Site Management.
  • Work follow-up according to the client’s needs and the structuring of the project on behalf of a public or private project owner.
  • General infrastructure maintenance plan.
  • Assistance in the awarding of maintenance contracts.


  • Support to the Assistance of Operations prior to acceptance.
  • Operational start-up operations.
  • Implementation of the maintenance policy, including training where appropriate.


Audit of equipment on site

  • On-site functional and quantitative analysis.

Equipment plan, data sheets and building – equipment interface

  • Evaluation of experiences in terms of equipment in adequacy with the medical project and users’ needs in the design and execution phase.
  • Pre-installation data sheets for equipment in the design and execution phase.
  • Integration of equipment into its environment: impact of technical and physical requirements in the design and execution phase.
  • Layout of equipment and technical requirements in the detailed plans (DWG format).

Purchase of equipment

  • Simplified technical specifications of equipment and drawing up of specifications.
  • Technical, administrative and financial coordination for the choice of equipment: issuing calls for tenders tailored to the client’s needs, analysis of tenders and technical and financial negotiation.

Installation of equipment

  • Coordination and supervision of the installation or re-installation of equipment on site and providing training programs.


  • Drawing up maintenance plans and implementation of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).
  • Follow-up of the maintenance of medical equipment on site.


Information Systems Strategy

Before the start of a project and depending on the existing technological environment and the intended goals in terms of computerization and digitization, AP-HP International can conduct a study to define the strategy of the Hospital Information System (HIS) project.

Information systems master plan

Depending on the medical project and the information systems strategy, the information systems master plan will translate the global and operational 5-year strategy of the information systems requirements, including the technical prerequisites, the expected functionalities and the organization to be implemented.

Technical assessment of network dimensioning

During the design phase of a project, a study is necessary in order to correctly dimension the IT infrastructure and networks, in particular to determine the budget.