With the experience of AP-HP, which manages 39 establishments, AP-HP International proposes to its clients, thanks to the mobilization of its specialized experts, either, a specific or general intervention, in accordance with the needs and constraints of the project for the operation of an establishment.

AP-HP International assists its clients to ensure that healthcare quality and activity management comply with the highest international standards. Depending on the type of support (organizational development of the establishment; audit; supervision of operations), AP-HP International also offers technical assistance for the labeling of the establishment or some of its services with reference to AP-HP, the largest University Hospital Centre in Europe.

Organization of Care Pathways

  • Definition of hospital governance.
  • Definition of care pathways and elaboration of care protocols.

Human Resources and Training

  • Audit of the current situation.
  • Identification of key persons, human resources dimensioning of the hospital and drafting of job descriptions.
  • Recruitment and /or training plan.
  • Opening plan of the hospital and department operational functioning (planning etc.).

Business Plan

  • Quantifying all resources, especially human resources.
  • Setting financial targets.
  • Balanced scenarios and scenarios for achieving expected returns.
  • Modeling the target operating account.

Definition of Key Management Indicators

  • Definition of indicators and assessment of the capacity to produce them.
  • Implementation of an action plan and a multidimensional dashboard.

Opening of a New Establishment

  • Definition of the opening plan with forecasts for the gradual opening of departments.
  • Logistics plan.

Involvement and/or Supervision of Management

  • Audit and /or implementation of an efficient procurement and supply policy.
  • Implementation and monitoring of indicators and management control.
  • Provision of qualified personnel on site or under supervision in key positions.
  • Oversight of medical policy.
  • Setting a management support contract according to the customer’s needs.

AP-HP Labelling

  • Scoping and needs assessment.
  • Presentation of the evaluation framework.
  • Evaluation approach.
  • Possible award of the label (bronze/silver/gold/platine) and recommendations.