The main focus of this consulting activity is on the initial phases of the design of a new hospital

  • Analysis of the supply and demand for care in the area concerned;
  • Analysis of hospital care needs not covered so far, taking into account the demographic, epidemiological and technical projections and the evolution of the healthcare offer in that area.
  • Development of a medical project.
  • Definition of the functional, capacity and equipment consequences of this medical project.
  • Impact of the medical project from the point of view of human resources and economic balance for the future hospital.
  • Economic balance of the institution.

In these areas, AP-HP International operates by taking into account the environment in which the project is embedded and according to the goals set by its client. Its role is to best translate these goals into an operational roadmap, highlighting all the success factors to be taken into consideration, as well as all the risks inherent in this type of project.

The infrastructure to be designed is first and foremost a tool serving medical or research objectives. Given the highly technical nature of healthcare buildings or laboratories, and therefore the often-significant investment required to build them, they must be correctly dimensioned and their long-term maintenance costs must be assessed, as must the human resources required for their proper operation. Thanks to its skilled experts and its international experience, AP-HP International offers its clients a service that is fully in line with the intended goals by dealing with all aspects without focusing exclusively on one issue, thus reducing the risks for the project owner.

The various roles assigned to AP-HP International are therefore different depending on its clients

  • Technical assistant in strategy development, along with partners or alone.
  • Technical assistant at the opening of a hospital.
  • Assistant to the project owner for project management, from project definition to implementation.

Other approaches to strategic health consulting are also carried out, either from the perspective of capacity building in public health, or with a view of promoting biological research work and developing clinical research activities.